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 iPhone 3G!

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PostSubject: iPhone 3G!   Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:36 pm

After a year that Apple has launch their most effecting smartest mobile phone..the iPhone,now they introduce the new iPhone 3G with along with "Twice as Fast,Half the price"

But the sad new is it will not officialy launch in Malaysia yet..again.This the a big bad news for malaysian who desperately for this device,even our neighbour in south,Singapore will get the device by end of this year,hosted by SingTel,a reserve is available in the website.
wonder why the Apple is not interesting in Malaysia market?? or something else
By the way,this device improve alot,specialy comes with 2 colour thats black/white,Apple cut out the first gen model with the back metal cover replaced by the glossy Black/White.

Black(8GB Version)
White(16GB Version)

A Build In GPS Receiver

Enchanted 3G Speed around 2.4x faster than current iPhone,but the 3G is not for video calling.

pricing around $199 flat rate
or RM652.20.
That Shocked Shocked was a cheap mobile phone compare to other brand with great interface,function!!

i will update latest news here soon.
hopefully good news!
Peace pig

Don't take life so seriously,you won't survive from it anyway.
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Stone Axe
Stone Axe

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PostSubject: Re: iPhone 3G!   Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:06 pm

this looks nice....

and the price is amazing...

iphone---> rm2000++

iphone3G----> rm600++

*sure til got stg nit to b charge upon u purchase


lici dun kill me....
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PostSubject: Re: iPhone 3G!   Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:51 am

iPhone 3G on sale 8 a.m. July 11; no-contract iPhone on tap

Looks like we'll have to get up bright and early to buy the new iPhone. Also, AT&T says a "no-commitment" iPhone is "coming soon."

First things first: The new iPhone 3G will go on sale at 8 a.m. next Friday at AT&T retail stores and Apple stores. So if you're planning on lining up, you'd better be ready well before sunrise.

Also, AT&T has finally clarified pricing for current AT&T subscribers who want the iPhone 3G.

In a nutshell, if you're "upgrade eligible" (log into your AT&T account to see if you are), you'll be able to buy the new iPhone for the discounted price of $199 for the 8GB version or $299 for the 16GB model. (AT&T is somewhat vague about the eligibility criteria, although your credit history and the time remaining on your contract are factors.) You'll also have to pay an $18 "upgrade fee."

If you're not eligible for the discount, you'll have to fork over extra for an "early upgrade"-$399 for the 8GB iPhone 3G or $499 for the 16GB model. Ouch.

AT&T also says that a "no-commitment" (read: no contract) iPhone 3G will be available soon, at $599 for the 8GB version and or $699 for the 16GB handset. Pricey, but hey-no two-year contract.

Unfortunately, AT&T won't offer the new iPhone on a prepaid basis, at least not at launch.

Some other items: You will have to get your new iPhone activated at the store, and that means a credit check. So bring a photo ID and your Social Security number (especially if you're not yet an AT&T customer). If you want to cut down on the wait, you can go to an AT&T store now and take care of the credit check early.

There have been some rumors that current iPhone users could simply register the IMEI number of their new iPhone with AT&T clerks-meaning they could finish activating their phones at home. It's a nice idea, but so far, there's no indication from AT&T that such a plan exists.

As for the newly detailed rate plans, there aren't any surprises. Each plan comes bundled with unlimited data; $70 a month gets you 450 minutes and 5,000 night/weekend minutes, while a 900-minute plan with unlimited nights/weekends goes for $90. A 1,350-minute plan will cost $110 per month. Family plans are available, and business data plans will cost $45 a month (versus $30 per month for standard data in the bundled plans). Text messages are extra, too. Individuals pay $5 for 200 texts per month, $15 for 1,500 a month, or $20 for unlimited texting. For family plans, you'll pay $30 a month for unlimited messaging.
Guess that $199 price Steve Jobs announced for the iPhone 3G should have come with a massive asterisk.


Truth beyond !!

Based on my experience,the non commitment iPhone3G sure will arrived in Malaysia after a few weeks from July 11 which the iPhone3G launced,and it will be a sky pricey..
lets say a guy pick an iPhone3G 8GB the cost at $599(RM1957.04) and bring it oversea to malaysia,plus some tax around RM200,and pass by the dealer for some business issue hehehe,at last reach the customer hand,i think the price will be around RM2599-2799,its higher that 1st gen iPhone for surely,market survey at some plaza,the 1st gen is now selling around RM1999-2399 if not mistaken,but i heard some sky price from lowyat plaza hits RM2800!!

Don't take life so seriously,you won't survive from it anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: iPhone 3G!   

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iPhone 3G!
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