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PostSubject: Information   Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:50 pm

Most of the people in M'sia already know it i just revise it again.
Normally when people buy a mobile phone the first question will ask is,"are this AP phone or Original set?" because the there is a big different price between an AP with a Original,some maybe in few hundreds.Below is some information between.

- both are the authorized Nokia distributors in Malaysia.
- if your phone has Zitron/Avaxx/Sapura/Sa-Mart warranty, you can service your phone at any Nokia Priority Center (NPC).
- they are giving 1 year warranty for the tranceiver,and 6 months for accessories like battery,chager..etc
- they are using geniune parts to repair your phones.

- Approval Products
- mainly imported from oversea and sell it to the consumers.
- there are many AP set warranty by companies such as Final Choice,Nefion,GBS,Master,City Shop,H&T,SmS ..etc
- AP companies are giving 1 year warranty for the phone and 1 month to (LCD),battery,chargers,no warranty for MMC.
- you must bring your phone back to the place u bought the phone, if the phone has any problem.
- AP set owners can bring your phone to any NPC,but charges to the owner,and won't be the first to serve,normally reserve for orginal.

- CSL is an AP Distributor but using 100%orginal accessories.
- CSL is give 15 months warranty.
- Motorola main authorized distributor is Satellite Technics,Mobile Distributor(MD),Brightstars.
- First Mobile Group (FMG) is the main distributor of Samsung phones.
- FMG is giving 18 months warranty.
- Sony Ericsson authorized distributors are T-Choice and Midland.
- Siemens authorized distributors are Zitron and FMG.

How to check Zitron/Avaxx or AP set
- take out the handphone case and battery
- if there's Zitron/Avaxx hologram sticker, it's original set.
- if there's Final Choice hologram sticker, it's AP set.
- original battery charger has Nokia and Zitron/Avaxx hologram stickers.
- press *#06# to check the mobile serial number (IMEI).
- compare it with the serial number written on package box sticker.
- for original set, both serial numbers are the same.
- (IMEI) stands for "International Mobile Equipment Indentity)
It's is the final choice for customer to choosing which kind of mobile they wish to buy,but the sales person will let us know what is the difference and services.Some of the people i know they don't care about the "Sticker" either it is original or an ap,they just want to use a phone!
For my opinion it's better to buy a Original set,because you are not buying a few dolor stuff,it's few hundred or some will reach thousands,you pay for it and you deserve to get the better services.
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