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 The DotA Quiz

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PostSubject: The DotA Quiz   Sat Mar 22, 2008 12:55 am

The DotA Quiz - Discover the Player Within!

Instructions (Please Read This First)

Please read all the questions, and choose only ONE answer from the four given.

I know some of you might react differently from the answers given, but this is an objective test, so pick the closest action you would do.

Try not to take your time contemplating the best decision to make, there isn't a best decision, only the one that you will actually make in a game (a.k.a. pick the answer based on your instincts)! If you have trouble doing this, pick a hero you commonly use and use it as the hero in each situation.

You will get different kinds of points for each answer, don't be afraid to chose that answer because of the colours. At the end of the questions, total up your points and find out which category you fall in! Have fun!

The Questions

Question 1
Your team is making an important push in the middle lane, but at the same time, 2 heroes from the other team are pushing the right lane, one of them is on low health.

Keep pushing with my teammates, break the tower! (1 green point)

Luckily I brought my Scroll of Town Portal. Keep pushing first, teleport later. (1 orange point)

Pushing is dangerous, I'd better farm safely in another lane. My teammates can handle it. (1 blue point)

Go and Kill them! Double Kill here I come! (1 red point)

Question 2
The entire enemy team is missing from the map.

Stick close to my friends and farm together. Safety in numbers! (1 green point)

Its time to buy/use some observer wards. They'll never get me! (1 orange point)

Find a solo lane with creeps to farm, the stupid Tiny keeps stealing my last hits! (1 blue point)

Bring a friend and look for enemies around the forest. They can't hide from me forever! (1 red point)

Question 3
You find a Double Damage rune by the lake, however you are at 40%-50% of your health. There is a full life enemy hero farming nearby.

Call a friend to take it while you try help to kill the enemy hero. (1 green point)

Wait until the enemy reaches the tower, then take the Double Damage and backstab. (1 orange point)

Double Damage = Creep kills. Use it to farm first, and get my uber end game items! (1 blue point)

Take the Double Damage and backstab the enemy. I smell another kill! (1 red point)

Question 4
You think of your teammates as

The people who will help me win the game. (1 green point)

My allies in combat, and sometimes the decoy. (1 orange point)

People who stall for me until I can shine. (1 blue point)

My competitors and sometimes kill stealers! (1 red point)

Question 5
Your tower is getting hammered by 2 enemies, and your teammates are not here yet.

Stay back and wait for my teammates to come. (1 green point)

Try to lure the enemy heroes away from the tower. (1 orange point)

I'll try kill some of the creeps hitting the tower. (1 blue point)

Two against one? Bring it on! (1 red point)

Question 6
Which activity do you practise the most in a game?

Pushing (1 green point)

Gangbanging (1 orange point)

Farming (1 blue point)

Backstabbing (1 red point)

Question 7
You have just killed an enemy hero and lost 50% of your health. Suddenly you see an enemy Dwarven Sniper at 75% of his health walk past you...

Oh my god, its Sniper, run! (1 green point)

Lure him to my tower and kill him. (1 orange point)

Escape to kill Neutral Creeps before returning to base. (1 blue point)

I Snipers, come back! (1 red point)

Find Out Your Results!

Now just total up your points (eg. 1 red point, 2 orange points and 4 blue points), and find out which category you lie in.


The Teamplayer (4 or more green points)

You are the one that sticks with the team through thick and team, and makes sure no one gets left behind. You provide support to your teammates, and you don't mind if you don't get that many kills. Your moto is "DotA is a team game". You look at the big picture of things, and your ultimate goal is to win! Your selflessness is often respected by others. However, you are not a very independant player, and you have trouble taking enemies on your own.

The Sly Fox(4 or more orange points)

You are a mastermind of deception, the forest is your home. You take chances to a certain extent, although you are always well prepared. You try to abuse everything to your advantage, from Line of Sight to Town Portal Scrolls. At times, you enjoy toying with your enemies as they fall into your traps. You area patient and cunning, and always wait for the right moment to strike. You often keep your streaks. Still, sometimes your judgement is flawed, and the unexpected usually results in a death.

Farmer Joe (4 or more blue points)

You are an experienced farmer, and prefer to use late game heroes. Your last hit timing is good and you can outlevel others easily. Gold pours in like anything when you are left untouched, until it is too late to stop you. Your mind set is "Farm first, wipe the floor with their faces later". Sometimes you may feed, although you will truly shine later in the game. Your allies might try cover up for you, but sometimes they will complain about the lack of teamwork.

Rambo (4 or more red points)

From the start of the game, all you have on your mind is killing heroes. You are nearly unmatched in 1 on 1 combat, and thus many fear you. You always take a gamble, and this aggresiveness usually pays off well. You are not afraid of 2 heroes, as long as theres a chance to walk away with a kill you will do it. You usually are one of the tops on the kill chart, you have a streak for at least half the game. Sometimes you get tired of hearing "Holy Shit"! Your thirst for kills can result in you kill stealing your allies, although you know it can't be helped. Your recklessness or overconfidence will be your downfall though.

The Freak (If you fall in none of the above categories)

You have either haven't read the instructions, or your entire game is based on random decisions. You never stick to one play style and make the strangest of decisions at times. You buy items "just for fun", infact you do everything because you can. At times you feed the enemy team until they are too fat to move, and at other times you have 3 digit hero kills. Your friends might get extremely annoyed at your inconsistency, and you endure the scoldings from strangers regularly.

I'm d Sly fox..... lol!....strategy player....nice
hope u guys enjoy it....zzzzzzzz

credits : Zyphier(blueserver)
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The DotA Quiz
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